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Schiller Stress Test System-SPANDAN CS20 with Colt Treadmill

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Digital Signal Acquisition Module which eliminates noise and gives distortion-free ECG signal
Display and printouts of 12 lead RAW ECG during Exercise mode
Full disclosure of all 12 leads
The l2 lead RAW ECG Data is stored for the entire test and can be reviewed, reanalyzed, beat by beat Facility to view, compare and printAverage Complex, ST graphs and tables of all 12 leads for all stages
Laser printer provides high-quality stage-wise printouts on ordinary A4-sized paper, saving on the cost of consumables
The final report includes information for Blood Pressure (entered manually), Heart Rate, and Speed/Grade ST Trends, relating to stage-wise and Recovery Phase
Automatic (Only with CS-20) / User selectable Iso-electric, J & Post J points during the stress test
Enlarged QRS complex with Dynamic Scanning Clinical history, medication, and End Point Criteria are all pre-formatted
Time-based METS calculation
Online Linked Median printing (Only with CS-20)
Treadmill Soft Stop option for stopping the treadmill after 20 seconds in Recovery Mode
Customized Lead Sequence for displaying 6 Channel of user choice
Users can add stage-wise comments for the test (Only with CS-20)
Lead with Maximum ST Level Depression or Elevation in the Average Complex
Identity Card ECG printout
Users can edit Summary Report and can change BP, ST level and slope, HR values, medication, etc. before taking a print
User-selectable Protocols and stress information