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BPL Infrared Forehead Thermometer Accu-Digit F1

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  • Accuracy - infrared heat sensor which detects the surface temperature with a minimum deviation of +/-0.2 degree Celcius or +/-0.4 degree Fahrenheit when used at a distance of 1-5cm from the surface.

  • Usage- can be used for adults and kids, and measures the surface temperature of the forehead only.

  • Measurement time - 1- 1.2 seconds

  • Memory- it can store up to 20 readings for an individual

  • Mode- can be used to measure the temperature of the ear lobe and can provide readings in Celcius or Fahrenheit.

  • Design-LCD display with backlight, easy to hold, battery operated with a low battery indication to avoid faulty results

  • Fever alarm- device alerts the user with 7 rapid and short beeps with blinking LCD when reading exceeds 37.5° c or 99.5° f