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BIPAP Vented Full Face Mask

Original price Rs. 3,999.00 - Original price Rs. 3,999.00
Original price Rs. 3,999.00
Rs. 4,990.00
Rs. 4,990.00 - Rs. 4,990.00
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  • Bipap/C-pap mask vented and Non-vented available in individual packing.?BIPAP Vented Full Face Mask Silicon packing at the skin for comfort.
  • Design: A BIPAP vented full face mask covers both the nose and mouth, providing a seal around the entire face to deliver pressurized air. It is designed to fit securely over the face, ensuring a comfortable and effective interface between the patient and the BIPAP machine.
  • Materials: BIPAP vented full face masks are typically made of medical-grade materials such as silicone or soft, hypoallergenic polymers. These materials are chosen to be comfortable, durable, and non-irritating to the skin.
  • Mask Frame: The mask frame is the structure that holds the mask in place on the face. It is often made of a lightweight and flexible material, allowing for a secure fit without causing discomfort or pressure points.